Tom Whitmore

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Tom Whitmore sells rare and collectible books online through Uncommon Sense Books.

He is a founder of the science fiction and fantasy bookstore The Other Change of Hobbit in Berkeley, CA, and a book reviewer for Locus Magazine.

Raiders of the Lost Basement” — about Tom’s discovery of a priceless, controversial — and long-lost — occult manuscript by Aleister Crowley. Really. We aren’t kidding.

Have a question for Tom? Go ahead and send him email.


A first edition of Roger Zelazny’s The Last Defender of Camelot.

“There are three different Zelazny books with the same title and different contents. This is the first, and by far the scarcest — one of only 35 copies of the hardbound edition of the pamphlet version that contains only the title story.”

A first edition of Robert A. Heinlein’s The Moon is a Harsh Mistress.

“An acceptable copy of a book that is seldom offered.”


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