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Tom Whitmore Web photoBorn in Washington, D.C., Tom grew up in the San Francisco Bay area. He attended U.C. Berkeley, graduated with a degree in Zoology, and immediately went into the book business.

For more than 30 years, Tom was a partner in The Other Change of Hobbit bookstore in Berkeley, a gathering place for people who read and write science fiction and fantasy. Tom maintains an extensive private collection of rare, collectible, and just plain interesting volumes of science fiction, mystery, and beyond. He’s a contributing editor for Locus Magazine.

In 1996, Tom relocated to Seattle, where he studied massage and helped start one of the nation’s first co-housing communities in West Seattle.

Tom lives in Seattle with his partner, Karen (K.G.) Anderson. He is a massage practitioner at the Ballard Northwest Senior Center and does outcall massage for individuals and for events (more info here).

Tom inherited the inventory of his grandmother’s print business, The Print Corner in Hingham, Mass., and occasionally sells works from that collection.

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  1. Hi Tom. We are planning a 20th year anniversary event in September. Could you please reply to me with your email address where I can send you more details? Thanks, Kathleen

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